For 2016:

Throughout 2016, we have continued to emBOLDen locally-driven solutions in the U.S. and around the globe. Over the last year, we have worked with partners and peers from Bolivia, Tibet, Nicaragua, Nepal, Malawi, Uganda, The Philippines, and the United States.

Our work with these partners addressed their self-identified priorities including:

  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Data analysis
  • Grantwriting
  • Scaling up programs
  • Coaching organizational transitions
  • Improving Operations and Service Delivery

Program Highlight. One year after a successful First Aid Train-the-Trainer course that we delivered as part of our comprehensive response to the 2015 Nepal earthquakes, our Nepalese partner organization extended our work. Adapting the tools and training we created in 2015, they provided a Refresher Training in 2016, and trained 28 representatives from 11 schools! The Education and Development Manager described:

“[We are] personally proud and thankful to emBOLDen Alliances for successfully leading us during the Post Earthquake First Aid Training Program and encouraging us that the program could be carried out in long run with a better and sustainable approach on our own lead. Truly, the value that emBOLDen Alliances carries on assisting partner organizations like ours to achieve their local mission is highly praise worthy.”

Thought Leadership & Experience. This year, we provided nearly a dozen original articles, blog posts, book chapters, and speaking engagements for organizations including the University of Pennsylvania, American Physical Therapy Association, American Red Cross Mile High Chapter, and Colorado Nonprofit Association. These addressed such topics as Being of Service, Nepal: 1-Year On and Using Local Networks in Emergency Response, How Good Data & Good Mapping Inform Each Other, Why Global Health Matters, and Failure Within Borders. We are also one of 150 organizations based in 43 countries who have endorsed the Charter4Change, an initiative led by both National and International NGOs to practically implement changes to the way the Humanitarian System operates to enable more locally-led response. Click here to see more.

Recognition. We have been honored with several awards and Finalist positions including World Humanitarian Summit Top 100 Innovators, iLab, eTown eChievement, and as the 2017 Nonprofit Honoree for WorldDenver’s International Women’s Day!

The eA Team and Co-Founder Artist Bill Rohs were invited to exhibit at TEDx MileHigh. We are replicating this interactive exhibit, titled Listening Through Lines,” to move each of us from pity to compassion, from sympathy to empathy, and from judgment to meaningful action. eA also ran monthly First Fridays online in 2016 to regularly connect with our community combining visual artistry with text and videos.

Training. We have been training the next generation:

  • Teaching Logistics and Operations for Nepal Earthquake response at the Colorado School of Public Health. As one Global Health Systems Management and Policy Student stated after our session together:

“Last night I left class feeling as though I had finally found where Global Health and Systems, Management, Policy intersect for me. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to finally find where I feel I belong in the Public Health community.”

  • Delivering Global Health knowledge to Physical Therapy students engaged in Service Learning. One former student advocated for everyone to learn from our work by saying:

No matter where you practice or whatever environment you work in, you work in Global Health.”

  • Developing a session for one of the biggest independent conferences on mapping and information management for the humanitarian sector in Europe.
  • Leading an interactive discussion “Leading from Behind or How to Avoid Making Disasters Worse” at an annual conference of community-based organizations.

Overall, 2016 has been a year packed with exciting partnerships and critical work, humbling honors & accolades, and numerous articles, conferences and trainings. With all of this momentum, we are very much looking forward to 2017 and beyond! But, we are only able to make these great strides thanks to your continued support. We thank you for investing in improving health and dignity for countless people around the globe!

During 2015, our profile included:

  • Partnering with more than ten organizations operating in 11 countries worldwide spanning North and South America, Africa, and Asia.
  • Being selected as a Semi-Finalist amongst the Top 100 Social Innovators in Health globally.
  • Being invited to present or moderate sessions at 10 conferences or public events.
  • Receiving feedback through our Partnership Impact Assessment Tool that all partners are better able to serve their communities as a result of their collaborations with EA.

During 2015, our impact included:

  • Assisting our partner in Uganda in improving and expanding services, and preparing to scale up treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS from 190 people to 2,800. This organization is now aiming to expand service to more than 5,600 people in its second year of operations.
  • Launching a comprehensive Nepal response within 48 hours post-earthquake and remains committed to supporting long-term efforts.
    • Delivering Train-the-Trainer sessions in remote areas of Nepal for more than 75 teachers throughout 16 schools, with more than 4,500 students impacted in both the short- and long-term.
    • Investing over 180 hours of pro bono operations and logistics services immediately following the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal, and thus facilitated the delivery of over $180,000 of in-kind supplies that provided temporary shelter and lifesaving supplies for devastated communities across the country.
  • Facilitating more effective utilization of resources, improved programming, and measurement of impact across the globe, enabling our partner organizations to improve the health, dignity, and opportunities of their communities.


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  • 2017, Nonprofit Honoree, WorldDenver’s International Women’s Day
  • 2016, Executive Director, Winner of eTown eChievement Award
  • 2016, Finalist in the Top 100 Global Innovators at the World Humanitarian Summit
  • 2016, Second Prize Winner in the iLAB Global Impact Award
  • 2015, Award of Semi-Finalist amongst the Top 100 Social Innovators in Health globally.

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