Our Impact

ImpactemBOLDen Alliances is unique, and as such, so are our Scale, Impact, and Endgame.

UntitledScale. Our scale is achieved directly through work with our partners, integrated in their own communities throughout the world. We prompt our partner organizations to reflect on their programs, identify gaps and challenges, and work together to create and implement constructive solutions. This scaling in to a partner’s operations and programs creates depth and emBOLDens their abilities to effect and sustain meaningful change. Our ability to scale across is then created from our partner organizations sharing our tested and adapted tools and with their peers — both internally within their own organizations as well as externally. Through this extension of our partnership, peer organizations and others working in community networks can also directly improve current and future programming. At emBOLDen Alliances, scale is not just about replicating our own organization, but about ownership that is integrated, embodied, and carried forward.


Untitled2Impact. We sign a Memorandum of Understanding with each of our partners, but our work with these organizations involves a much deeper social contract toward the common goal of durable impact. Our impact is defined as partner organizations being equipped to actualize their communities’ visions for betterment, becoming self-reliant, maximizing resources, measuring impact, and demonstrating accountability. Employing our Partnership Impact Assessment Tool that provides both qualitative and quantitative data, we measure our partners’ progress against baseline skills and program goals. Together, we move the needle from measuring outputs to measuring and maximizing true impact.



Untitled3Endgame. Our endgame — already being actualized — is that our partners no longer need our assistance and carry their knowledge and skills forward with others, both internally and externally. As we step back, our partners go forward, advancing meaningful and wide-scale positive change across the globe.



The measure of our success is the ability to step back when we are no longer needed and watch our emBOLDened partners accomplish even more for their own communities.

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