Maximizing impact through hands-on partnerships!

assist our partners in achieving their mission and improving the lives and well-being of communities they serve.

Through our work, 100% of our 40+ partners report that their communities now have:

  • Greater access to healthcare

  • Better education for children

  • More empowered girls and women

  • Practical means to break the cycles of poverty

  • Resiliency during crises

  • The ability to make themselves heard!

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Want to improve the health and wellbeing of families and communities around the world?

Drive change with us.

We have worked around the world to serve vulnerable, underserved and crisis-affected communities.

What We Believe

As a nonprofit organization, our driving passions and goals are to enhance the QUALITY and IMPACT of service, capacity, and collaborations with vulnerable communities.

We believe that every person deserves and has a right to life with health, dignity, and an opportunity for fulfillment.  We are dedicated to collectively achieving this together.



is to improve the lives of vulnerable communities through collaborative partnerships that embolden the quality and impact of service.

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With your support we can continue to maximize the impact of global community-based work.  We believe in working across sectors, in development and emergencies.  So, whether you are passionate about water, microfinance, maternal health, shelter, nutrition, human rights, internally displaced populations, or crisis response, your contribution makes a world of difference with emBOLDen Alliances.

The Internal Revenue Service has determined that emBOLDen Alliances is a public charity under Code Section 501(c)(3).  Your contribution is tax deductible and securely transacted.


“I saw first-hand the training being delivered by emBOLDen Alliances and was hugely impressed by the skill and sensitivity shown by the trainers, in particular the empowerment of fellow Nepalese teachers being enabled to deliver the training to their colleagues. This has brought much needed skills to remote areas and adds a great deal of value to the work of our organization supporting education in needy communities. The work to improve health and well-being by emBOLDen Alliances will have a profound effect on children’s ability to reach their potential.”

“emBOLDen Alliances has provided the necessary expertise and guidance to our Physical Therapy Students’ Global Health Club as we develop and deliver a global health curriculum for PT students. Our vision for current and future students to have the opportunity to learn global health topics related to physical therapy is becoming a reality. With the assistance of eA, PT students will have the foundational knowledge to participate in global health practices as health professionals in the future.”

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