In 2015 and 2016, we partnered with a Uganda-based organization to improve a pilot program linking Ugandans in remote areas with healthcare resources. Since then, they have been building on the tools, skills, and resources from our tailored support on: program design, operational efficiency, Monitoring and Evaluation, grant writing, and leadership.

We are thrilled that our partnership work helped them achieve and expand! 

Using our mutual work, our partner has:

  • Increased organizational and programmatic capacity.
  • Expanded to 3 new villages, with plans for expansion to 3 new districts.
  • Served more than 2,000 people with monthly comprehensive healthcare and is preparing to scale up to more than 12,000 people.
  • Secured funding for additional staff to support expanding operations and programs.
  • Been preparing a population health survey built on our mutually-created program frameworks.
  • Adapted programmatic strategy to meet needs in diverse contexts, including piloting the use of boat taxis to serve villages on remote islands in addition to existing motorcycle taxis serving remote inland areas.
  • Grown its financial resource base and established itself as a competitive organization by:
    1. Raising significant resources from organizational fundraising efforts,
    2. Winning a global award for innovative solutions to common problems surrounding HIV, and
    3. Securing a finalist position for a large multilateral grant.

A map jointly created during our partnership to improve our partner’s work.
Click here to read more about the intersection of data, mapping, and organizational efficiency during this partnership!


The tools, resources, and strategies we developed together have helped our Uganda partner meet its goal and go further, faster.
They are building an effective and efficient program that is maximizing impact and scaling appropriately.

Now that’s what we call a successful partnership!
This amazing partnership success is one of many examples of eA’s commitment and impact.
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