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We joined millions worldwide in celebrating International Women’s Day 2017 on March 8th. This year’s theme was Women and Global Health.

Our Founding Director, Dr. Neena Jain, was honored by WorldDenver this year with the “Woman Leading Change Pathfinder Award.”

Congratulations to WorldDenver for a wonderful and inspiring event, and for this terrific honor!

Read Dr. Jain’s acceptance remarks below:

“Thank you so very much for this tremendous honor!
I accept this award very gratefully on behalf on our entire organization—from our Co-Founder Bill Rohs to our Team, Board, volunteers, supporters, and most of all, our partners.

Bill did this drawing of Halimatou and it is titled “Dignity.” In so many ways, her story is the founding story of emBOLDen Alliances. Read her story here.
I’ve been an Emergency Medicine Physician, Public Health Professional, and Humanitarian Aid Worker. Yet my most important role throughout all of these has been in mentorship—as a mentee.
Here are the images of just a few of my many mentors and thus those of emBOLDen Alliances. These are women, men, and children here in the US and across the globe living in many countries.

The foundation of eA is that communities are first, last, and always for themselves, whether in crises or in development. We listen to their needs and visions of betterment.
We collaboratively create tools and skills tailored to their contexts and situations.
We test and adapt these together.

And then, we step back.

We work across all sectors, defining Global Health broadly and involving not just health, but also water and sanitation, agriculture, livelihoods, empowerment, education, etc.
And, we work here in the US and across the globe with these partners—mostly community-based organizations.

Meeting our partners where they are and helping them to maximize their resources and measure their impact works!
Our goal is that we are no longer needed and our partners carry forward to stand stronger, more durably, and more powerfully with their own communities.

So, when we talk about hope, courage, strength, resilience, change, dignity and being bold (#BeBoldForChange), it’s these mentors to whom I turn and on whom we rely to learn and grow together.
Regardless of gender or gender identity, we are pushing boundaries, forging new paths, overcoming obstacles, breaking through ceilings, rebuilding from adversity, and, most of all, creating a new paradigm that is about “we,” not about “me.”

So, yes! We say BeBoldForChange and add BeEmBOLDenedForChange!
Thank you!”