Humanitarian Assistance Toolbox

Offered online Nov-Dec 2015

The combined course satisfaction rating is 109 out of a possible 110.

1. Rate the level of interaction for this course:  Just enough.

2. The discussions were useful and helped me to better understand the topic of this course:  9 out of 10.

3. The reading assignments were useful and helped me to better understand the topic of this course:  10 out of 10.

4. The facilitator created an atmosphere that was respectful of student opinions, ideas, and/or differences:  10 out of 10.

5. The facilitator organized the course effectively:  10 out of 10.

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7. The facilitator responded to student’s inquiries and discussions in a timely manner:  10 out of 10.

8. Course content was easily accessed using my internet connection:  10 out of 10.

9. Overall I would rate this course as good:  10 out of 10.

10. Overall I would rate my instructor as good:  10 out of 10.

11. I would recommend this course to a friend or colleague:  10 out of 10.

12. What course “module(s)” where most helpful for your work in community development (please explain).

The topic on the SPHERE guidelines and standards was useful as it identified their existence and implementation. As well, this topic provided me with the opportunity to think about some of the challenges and benefits that arise when applying these standards and minimum standards including setting up an expectation between both providers and recipients of humanitarian assistance for accountability and lifting the level of professionalism. However they also provide a greater level of transparency and set up expectations for minimum standards, which may create resistance amongst the Humanitarian Club, some who may have an interest in the HA system remaining as is ie stagnant.