Our impact is our partners being equipped to:

  • Actualize their communities’ visions for betterment,
  • Be self-reliant,
  • Maximize resources,
  • Measure impact, and
  • Demonstrate accountability.

We improve health, dignity, and opportunity in community-led development and humanitarian response.


emBOLDen Alliances:

  • Meets our partners where they are,
  • Listens and adapts for individualized guidance, and
  • Provides hands-on support through successful implementation.

By scaling in to a partner’s Operations and Programs and focusing on their self-identified needs and visions, we create sustainable depth and emBOLDen meaningful progress.

We scale across when our partners carry our work forward independently and share our tested and adapted tools with their staff, communities, and networks.



Our endgame is that we are no longer needed.

As we step back, our partners go forward to advance durable and wide-scale positive change.

The measure of our success is the ability to step back and witness as our emBOLDened partners accomplish more for their own communities.


Decades of Global Experience

Proven Impact

Working hand-in-hand with our partners

Our organization is purposefully and uniquely structured to remain innovative in our approach and flexible in our response. Having worked for many years in development and humanitarian assistance, we fundamentally value the power of listening and the imperative for adaptation to local context.  We creatively apply our years of experience and methodology to develop mutual partnerships and to remain accountable to those most in need.

At the end of the day, an organization may operate with the same number of personnel or the same amount of money and donated supplies, but we significantly increase their value added. In addition, communities are more engaged and better served from the same investment of resources.