Freddy Jones Band Benefit Concert, Thursday August 20, 2015
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Our Nepal Response

In our response to the April and May 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, we have completed two of our three pillars of response.

  • Immediate (completed):  direct medical support, life-saving supplies.
  • Intermediate (completed, see report below with P2P4N = Person2Person4Nepal): temporary shelter, programs to support persons displaced from their homes.
  • Long-term (ongoing, see map below):  assisting communities rebuild with livelihoods, health, education, and first aid/first responder training.
  • We are committed to the next 12 months of work with our partners, but need your support!
  • Please donate today.

P2P4N April-June Report                         Nepal Response.Final Version.7.25 FINAL

Using Local Networks and Supporting Education in Disaster Relief
 emBOLDen Alliances and Classrooms in the Clouds Response to the Nepal Earthquake

The response to the recent earthquakes in Nepal offers a tremendous opportunity to use the lessons learned from past emergencies, and the momentum of future reform, to deliver aid that supports rebuilding in a manner that is sustainable, reliable, and resilient. This article will follow the earthquake response of a partnership between two small non-governmental organizations (NGO), emBOLDen Alliances and Classrooms in the Clouds (CitC) and their efforts to focus on two significant topics of humanitarian reform, namely utilizing local partnerships in disaster response and promoting education throughout the relief process. Read on.


Update from our partner in Uganda

Our partners at Health Access Connect (HAC) in Uganda have purchased their first motorcycle! As part of HAC’s Medicycles program, the motorcycle will be used by local health officials to conduct mobile anti-retroviral treatment (ART) clinics in four villages in Kalangala District. We at emBOLDen Alliances have been assisting HAC in the difficult tasks of drafting a strategic plan, writing grant proposals based on that plan, collecting baseline population data about HIV/AIDS in fishing communities, and monitoring and evaluating the impact of the motorcycle. We hope this is the first of many Medicycles in Uganda!

Please join us:

  • July 31- Sept 4: Teaching Introduction to Humanitarian Assistance, Colorado State University accredited course, online through Village Earth.
  • August 12:  We will be presenting our organization at the Golden Chamber of Commerce Membership Meeting.
  • August 20:  Freddy Jones Band Benefit Concert for our Nepal Earthquake Response, eTown Hall, Boulder.
  • August 24:  Panelist for “Healthcare in Danger,” American Red Cross, Washington DC.  In June, we were honored to lead a Working Group at the American Red Cross Emerging Humanitarian Frontiers Conference.
  • August 31:  Fundraising night at The Kitchen locations in both Boulder and Denver.
  • September 10:  Joining Seeds of Exchange for an evening of Celebrating Nepal, Sherpa House, Golden.
  • October 30:  Leading an “Evaluation Toolbox: Moving the Needle from Outputs to Outcomes,” Colorado Nonprofit Association, “We Are Essential” Conference.
  • Nov 17-18:  Leading “Redefining Successes and Failures Roundtable,” NGOs and Nonprofits Interest Group of the American Anthropological Association Conference, Denver.