In May, thanks to our dedicated volunteer GIS Experts, Zack King and Deb Goeldner, we held three GIS Toolbox Trainings.

Using the Centre for Learning Impact methodology, our Training Evaluations are demonstrated below.  

Beginner   Objectives of Session: Untitled

  1. Distinguish Raster vs. Vector data.
  2. Explore setting data frame coordinates and transformations.
  3. Practice adding data, viewing attributes, sorting and basic attribute queries.
  4. Apply working with Excel and/or CSV files which have lat/long coordinates.
  5. Familiarize digitizing and editing geospatial data and geo-referencing.




Intermediate   Objectives of Session:

  1. Recognize what GIS is and how is it used.
  2. Distinguish common map types, including General, Charts and Thematic.
  3. Formulate how to plan a map and what basic cartographic elements to include in your map.
  4. Recall how to create a story map using ArcGIS online’s story map templates.



Untitled3Advanced   Objectives of Session:

  1. Solve a GIS problem using existing relevant data to suit organizational needs.
  2. Recognize other GIS analysis problems and solutions.