IMG_1341Brief Summary


  • We launched our 3-pillared coordinated Nepal Response with partners within 48 hours post-earthquake.
  • Our first Team Member arrived in Nepal April 30th.
  • We have been working directly with partners and coordinating volunteers around all three of our pillars.

Pillars of our Response

IMG_1331Direct medical relief

  • Friday May 1:  Health checkup at Maiti Nepal, shelter for 500 women and girls.
  • Sat May 2 – Sun May 3:  Coordinated multi-sectoral assessment to Dolakha with the organization Maiti Nepal providing food, shelter, medical care, and public health assessment for diarrheal diseases.
  • Mon May 4: Assessment mission to Sertung.
  • Our ED joins the direct medical effort on the ground this week.
  • We are so grateful to our partners, including: IMAT/ClarionGlobalResponse for directing medical volunteers and supplies and Mountain Madness for logistics support and donated items

Temporary shelter and life-saving NFIs (Non-Food Items)

  • Supported the delivery of the following:  tarps, water filters, battery packs.
  • Collecting items, packing duffels, coordinating with travelers, tracking inventory and delivery chain.  Learn more here.


Community-driven rebuilding

    • Once the dust clears and ground settles down, the long road to rebuilding may be the hardest road of all for Nepal.  For all of us who have seen the pitfalls of aid in both international development and in humanitarian crises, we are desperate to avoid repeating these same mistakes again.  We have all traveled to Nepal and fallen in love with the beauty of its people, its natural surroundings, its genuine warmth, and what almost every traveler there describes, as its true “magic.”  Most of all, we have witnessed first-hand time and again that communities know what they need and how to get there, but often just need a bit of assistance.  Thus, with the aim of rebuilding community-driven resilience in remote areas of Nepal, we have partnered with many others all united toward a dedicated grassroots effort.  Learn more here.



  • Assisted Secretary General of the Child NGO Federation – Nepal with resources and coordination.
  • Attended the Conference of the America Nepal Medical Foundation in Denver to connect with medical response efforts and future collaborations around Humanitarian Assistance.

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