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Programs Update

  • We assisted our partner Freshwater Project International, who is providing comprehensive water, sanitation and hygiene in Malawi, with Monitoring & Evaluation expertise and GIS data-gathering preparations to emBOLDen their activities this summer.  Right now, they are engaged in community participatory mapping with their communities.  
  • We’ve signed our MOU with our newest partner, Project C.U.R.E., to assist in building and delivering comprehensive, interactive educational curriculum and briefing for their short-term clinic volunteers.  The impact of this will be far-reaching as these volunteers engage with communities in healthcare delivery.
  • We delivered training in Global Health to the Physical Therapy (PT) students at University of Colorado Denver.  Feedback we received:  “This was EXACTLY what we needed.  Thank you!”  These PT students are soon off to Nicaragua to engage in Service Learning and Train-the-Trainer activities for local PT’s.
  • emBOLDen Alliances has been selected to create and deliver a workshop on the Physical Therapist’s role in Humanitarian Crises at the American PT Association national meeting.  No small honor!
  •  The Radical Humanitarian Workshop, Feb 8-10 2017, will be open for Registration soon.  Space is limited.  This incredible and unique project represents our partnership with University of Colorado Department of Emergency Medicine.   

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Listening Through Lines, including 6 videos X 1-1/2 minutes to Enlighten, Inspire, Share
These videos include statement by Artist Bill Rohs, interviews with TEDx Attendees, images of the Exhibit and more.

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Our ED answers the question, “What does being of service mean to you?”

“Sometimes, service is the absence of doing. It can be about showing up, being present, listening, and supporting.

Can service-learning actually be transformed into learning-service? Moreover, into service-listening?

How can we actively listen our way to a better world and to impact that is meaningful and durable?”

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