Giving Thanks to You, Our Board, Our Partners

“Namaste” Children in Gatlang, Nepal

Giving Thanks
In honor of Thanksgiving, we give thanks to all of YOU for your support!

Read what our Board and our Partners are saying below.
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Meet our Board Member, Julia Burton

What do you do for emBOLDen Alliances?
I’ve been a member of the Board of Directors since March 2015. I wanted to be involved in medical and humanitarian mission work, and when I moved to Colorado, I approached Neena, the Executive Director, about volunteering at emBOLDen Alliances. As an ER nurse, my style is fast paced, direct, and am able to think on my feet and pitch in wherever needed. It’s a good fit for the dynamic world of EA.
Why did you decide to get involved with emBOLDen Alliances?
When I was introduced to the Executive Director of emBOLDen Alliances, Neena Jain, I was blown away by her motivation and drive. She has a genuine enthusiasm and motivation for EA. The organization’s theme is simple:  help people help themselves by creating solutions by and for the community they’re helping. Also, since EA is a new organization it’s exciting being a part of its formation.
What is your background?
I currently work as a Trauma Nurse in a busy Emergency Department. I have a Masters of Education and a B.A. in Nursing as well as EMT certification.
What current or past projects of EA resonate with you?
As a nurse, I connect with our First Aid Train-the-Trainer, which is done in remote areas of Nepal with our partner Classrooms in the Clouds. Last month, the Nepalese teachers walked over 12 hours to attend our training!
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We are grateful for our substantive partnerships!

“Central to the success of the educational programs that Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder creates for high school students are the high-quality NGOs with whom we partner. Year after year, the students learn the most from these inspirational leaders and their community-based projects. However, we aspire to create partnerships thatare mutually beneficial. In order to meet this goal, emBOLDen Alliances has been working directly with our NGO partners to help them identifycommon challenges, to utilize each other as resources, and to provide the additional support necessary for them to more effectively realize their missions. I cannot say enough about the skills that the emBOLDen staff possess as listeners, seasoned practitioners, and facilitators. They have sincerely allowed us to help forge a collaborative and innovative culture for our partners that is undeniably enhancing the positive impact that they are making in communities around the globe.”
Our friends at Health Access Connect have been busy working on data collection and on visiting remote villages to expand their Medicycles program. As an example of the value of their programs, on a recent village visit, they found that many people living with HIV/AIDS have not had blood tests in over 3 years, yet testing is recommended every 3 to 6 months in order to best direct treatment and care.
To support their work, emBOLDen Alliances has been a) overseeing mapping and data analysis and b) assisting in grantwriting. They have made huge strides since we began our collaboration in March 2015. We admire HAC’s close partnership with community members and health workers, as well as their determination to make data collection and analysis an integral part of their work. Through this partnership, we have been able to set up their programs in ways that serves, empowers, and (dare we say?) emBOLDens everyone.
“Our organization, Breaking Ground, is in the midst of an important administrative transition. emBOLDen Alliances has served as a critical life-line throughout the process. The perspective emBOLDen has to offer is both reassuring and inspiring. Their guidance has anchored us through hard times and provided us with a clear vision of the path before us.”
“We used emBOLDen Alliances’ Problem Tree assessment tool with our candidates in one of our Women Empowerment and Leadership program: EmpowHER. Each candidate in the program has to design an impact project idea that will help uplift the status of women and children in Nepal. This tool was very helpful for them to understand the grassroots of the problem and sustainability of their individual idea. Many of our candidates, after performing the Problem Tree assessment, demonstrated clarity about their proposed idea and the problem they were trying to address.”
“As a grassroots organization, Sustainable Steps Nepal is grateful for the amazing support from emBOLDen Alliances towards our efforts in Nepal. We have been working together with emBOLDen Alliances to strengthen our leadership, strategic planning, team building, logistics, organization, and efficient implementation in implementing our projects. Their detailed, insightful reports speak volumes about their passion and dedication in serving the global community by providing non-profit organizations with useful strategies to refine their operations and achieve their goals. We are grateful for their expertise in helping us help people better!”

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