2pFighting for Freedom and Justice

Freedom of expression through song, pen, paintbrush and spray can is something we engage in every day. We talk to our friends, we listen to various talk shows or music, we doodle, and we create. But, for many around the world, having the ability to use these art forms is a luxury, or life-threatening.

2P expressed his political views through street art and music. He and his peers used their visual and verbal creativity to inspire, motivate, activate, and storytell. For these actions, they were frequently arrested, jailed, tortured, and separated from family. The persecution forced them underground, and for many like 2P, out of their home country of Myanmar (aka, Burma).

But, they did not yield. They were not silenced.

Their pens, spraypaint and guitars did not run dry, nor did they let the music stop. They continued traveling back regularly to Myanmar, discretely and undercover, to disseminate the message of power to the people via CDs and visual art campaigns. He, like the others, never used his real name, but adopted “2P” as his identity.

One of emBOLDen Alliances’ team members was fortunate to work with 2P and his peers to help them enhance skills in visual art, public speaking, and organizational management. Together, they listened to speeches by the world’s greatest leaders and dissected their tone, usage of words, and ability to captivate. They practiced speaking to each other and delivering messages effectively. And they worked through problems of organizational management like budgeting or program development so they could use their resources more effectively and track their progress.

Consequently, 2P created more impactful materials and campaigns, and was equipped with the skills and tools to more effectively lead his organization. 

2P’s gentle nature coupled with these improved skills made him and his organization stand up even taller and stand out even louder for freedom and for justice.

2P is one of so many around the globe who possess the inspiring combination of passion, talent, and determination. And, even more impressive than their skills, is their selfless devotion – working tirelessly to achieve betterment for their fellow citizens, even in the face of tremendous personal sacrifice.

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You can see more of Co-Founder Bill Rohs’ Art at his upcoming show:

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