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Left:Children at Shree Sagarmatha Secondary School, Bung, Nepal
Right: Child of Greenhouse Project Farmer, Gatlang, Nepal

The Enemy of Good

As a General Surgery Resident many years ago, our Executive Director, Dr. Neena Jain, had many sayings to guide, to get through the arduous days and nights as well as to hopefully keep focused on what was important. One of these was: “Better is the enemy of good.”

However, it is not an exaggeration at all to say that in every country in which emBOLDen Alliances has worked, we have met individuals working tirelessly toward a state of better. More often than not, this betterment was not for themselves, but for their children, their families, and their communities.

Bikash, who was the Chairman of the School Management Committee at Shree Sagarmatha Secondary School in the village of Bung, Nepal, was no exception. Talking with us one morning before our First Aid Train-the-Trainer session started, he told us how he was okay in life; he had learned what he already could. He felt no point or need for him to further his own education. But, his dream for his school and for his four sons was the chance to achieve the highest education possible. He wanted his sons to become doctors or engineers or pilots.

Bikash also wanted his school to have clean facilities, running potable water, latrines, good teachers, and everything possible to help students not only succeed, but also so they could stay in their home villages and have access to high quality education.

Bikash’s son echoed these sentiments exactly. He said he was working very hard to increase his exam scores. He wanted to study Science or English and came to school at 6 am for extra tutoring before school started. Ultimately, he aimed to become a doctor in order to help his own community and the village of Bung.

emBOLDen Alliances was formed knowing that, actually, better was not the enemy of good. There are individuals and organizations all over the world diligently helping their own communities become better. And, with your support, we help them achieve their dreams.

 Program Highlights

  1. We continue our work with Health Access Connect, improving access to care for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

  2. With Classrooms in the Clouds, we created and delivered First Aid Train-the-Trainer sessions in remote areas to approximately 75 Teachers and 9 Students. These teachers and students represented 16 schools (primary, lower and higher secondary) enrolling over 4500 students, many of whom have no health post or clinic access.                                                                                         IMG_2653     IMG_2630

  3. With Sustainable Steps Nepal, we helped build organizational and programmatic structure and evaluate their Greenhouse Pilot Program in an area that was heavily affected by the April and May earthquakes.                                                                                                                                                                                                IMG_3021     IMG_3084     IMG_2985

  4. With Students Shoulder to Shoulder, we participated in their Global Solutions Forum in Vail, Colorado, by delivering talks to high school students on humanitarian assistance and leading learning workshops with their partner NGOs based in 5 countries.                                                                         IMG_2011

  5. With the medical mission arm of a large hospital group, we are helping to completely restructure their work toward community engagement and long-term sustainability.

Coming up

  1. Exciting website changes coming soon. Be sure to check back!

  2. Oct 30: Leading an “Evaluation Toolbox: Moving the Needle from Outputs to Outcomes,” Colorado Nonprofit Association, “We Are Essential” Conference.

  3. Nov 6-Dec. 11: “Humanitarian Assistance Toolbox” online course through Village Earth.

  4. Nov 17-18: Leading “Redefining Successes and Failures Roundtable,” NGOs and Nonprofits Interest Group of the American Anthropological Association Conference, Denver.

  5. Feb 17-20: Leading “Student-Led Development of a Global Health Elective,” APTA Combined Sections Meeting 2016, Anaheim.

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