Community Partnerships: Nepal

Community Partnerships: Nepal

  In response to the 2015 earthquakes, our approach was a three-tiered response launched within 48 hours:

    • Immediate: direct support & life-saving supplies
    • Intermediate: technical & logistical support for prioritized needs
    • Long-Term: rebuilding & preparedness for future crises (ex: First Aid Train-the-Trainer Programs)


To Improve:

  • Localization of response & power of locally-led solutions
  • Readiness, immediacy, & resiliency
  • Robust humanitarian strategy & tactics


And delivered:

  • Focus in 5 most earthquake-affected districts
  • Support through community-based response, addressing locally-prioritized needs
  • Assisted delivery of >$180K in life-saving supplies
  • Trained >84 participants, representing 16 schools, & 4500 enrolled students
  • emBOLDened programs involving livelihoods, agricultural diversity, & resilience with displaced populations

Read our thought leadership about this response:


We are currently working on proposal with women’s empowerment organization active in 69 of 75 districts.

Goal: To build upon critical experiences and lessons learned coupled with strong foundation and impact to advance disaster preparedness and response throughout Nepal.

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