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In partnership with our friends at Direct Relief, our ED Dr. Neena Jain, spent most of January with our local partner HOPE Foundation of Bangladesh assisting the Rohingya refugees. This is crucial work and we are so very grateful for your investment in us, delivering locally-led solutions with local partners. Please soak in the beautiful faces and incredible landscape below. Over 1 million people fleeing brutality and torture and seeking hope, resilience, and a better future. 

Our work toward the Rohingya response with our local partner included the following:
(and we’re just getting started!)

  • Emergency Response Training
    –Created package of curriculum, schedule, pre/post test, evaluation, report
    –Facilitated and led training
  • Inventory/Supply Chain Management
  • Field Hospital design, priorities, budget, proposal review
  • WASH integration
  • Coordination of clinical trainings
  • Assessed and delivered critical recommendations for advancement and critical improvements of service delivery
  • Data collection structures and needs
  • Organizational structure
  • Integration with UN Humanitarian Sectors
  • Other key organizational relationships
  • Monsoon preparedness 

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