After working with emBOLDen Alliances, we are STRONGER as an organization; we serve our beneficiaries BETTER.

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Your Global Impact in 2018

Ongoing work with 10 community-based organizations in Thailand and Myanmar providing vital health, education, human rights, and livelihoods services.Wrapped up with Burundi child rights organization. Finishing GIS Mapping with global network of pathologists.

emBOLDened local Bangladesh partner’s Operations and Programs for Rohingya Refugees. Follow up on Nepal earthquake response and disaster preparedness with local women’s empowerment groups. Support locally-led response in Indonesian earthquake/tsunami.

Emergency Response Training to 15 organizations in Bangladesh. Innovative “Redesigning Monitoring & Evaluation for Community-Driven Solutions” with 26 organizations in Thailand and Myanmar. Participation in Colorado Community Inclusion Workgroup. Multiple novel and interactive trainings at two academic institutions in Colorado.

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How does your investment contribute to global impact?

$50: Supports the creation of customized group training, such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems) or Global Health.

$100: Helps a community-based partner enhance their Monitoring & Evaluation and move measurements from Outputs to Outcomes.

$500: Aids a community-based partner in building a custom humanitarian program.

We thank you for your commitment and generosity – we are very grateful for your support!

The measure of our success is the ability to step back and witness as our emBOLDened partners accomplish more for their own communities.

Our work in Thailand

We’re hard at work on an innovative and very unique yearlong partnership in Thailand and Myanmar border with community-based entities. Most have been founded by refugees and migrants and achieve critical impact serving extremely vulnerable communities.

This partnership is focused on meeting locally-led solutions where they are, listening and adapting individualized guidance, and providing hands-on support through successful implementation.

YOU make it happen!

“2P” by Co-Founder and Artist Bill Rohs. 2P is one of so many local organization staff who inspire eA every day by working tirelessly, even in the face of tremendous personal sacrifice.

“As a Radical Humanitarian®, I strive to alleviate suffering, promote dignity, and protect vulnerable populations around the globe.”

We invite you to become a Radical Humanitarian® First Responder!

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