To each and every one of you,

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for YOUR generosity, community, and compassion!

As a Radical Humanitarian® First Responder, YOU make a true difference!

These words ring so very true today as we support locally-led efforts in response to the Sulawesi, Indonesia earthquake and tsunami.

About the current crisis

On Friday September 28, an earthquake of 7.5 magnitude with an epicenter in Central Sulawesi occurred, followed by a tsunami with waves of nearly 6 meters.

At least 1,400 people have been confirmed dead thus far, >2,500 injured, >61,000 displaced, and >2.4 million affected.

Then today, October 3, the nearby volcano Mount Soputan also erupted.

What YOU did!

Because of YOUR ACTIONS to endorse our TRH Charter and become a Radical Humanitarian® First Responder, we have already sent support to a locally-led organization on the ground helping in Sulawesi

While this is not our “typical” response nor are we a funding entity, because of YOUR SUPPORT,
we acted quickly and without hesitation!

How did we know that organization was right? emBOLDen Alliances Co-Founders worked alongside the Founder of this Indonesian organization in Nias, Indonesia 2005 when he was forming it. At that time, we were all working for other large international NGOs, however we collaborated easily and readily to assist populations affected by the 2004 tsunami and subsequent earthquakes. There’s nothing like working directly with someone to build relationships, eh?! We know we can all agree with that.

What’s next? Stay tuned as we continue our response and explore partnership with local community-based entities there.

Being a Radical Humanitarian® means working WITH local community-based entities to help their own communities. 

Read the Radical Humanitarian® Charter.

Join us and become a RadHuman First Responder today.

YOU make ALL the difference.

Thank you!

Images below are from Nias Earthquake Response, Indonesia. Our Co-Founders worked there starting from immediate emergency response (within 24 hours among the first on the ground) through recovery and for most of 2005.