The Role of Empathy in Impact

We strive to listen, throughout the entirety of our work and repeatedly. Efficiency without empathy may hit the target, but most certainly misses the mark. We cannot afford to miss the mark — there is too much at stake in this world. And so, we listen. Listening allows us to better understand where and how we can best serve our partners. We learn and we constantly improve our understanding of our partners and our work to build durable, measurable impact.

The role of empathy in effective change was even more clear to us when recently working with NGO leaders from around the world at the Global Solutions Forum. We listened from and learned with Directors of NGOs spanning the globe from Tibet, Nepal, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and the United States.

Each of these individuals represents a different culture, history, and background. Each of their organizations have different missions, although all working in an effort to improve their own communities. And each of these organizations is situated within a different system, behavior, network and dynamics. It was deeply inspiring to be working with these leaders, these catalysts for community change.

Knowing their own environment better than any outsider could, each community change-maker has established a strong organization influencing positive change. However, they recognize the need to advance their respective movements with some tools and skills to build efficiency and measure impact. This is where our work to enhance and emBOLDen their programs and effectiveness with empathy comes in.

Your investment in emBOLDen Alliances contributes to this deep and meaningful global impact.

  • $50: Supports the creation of a customized group training, such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems) or Global Health.
  • $100: Helps a community-based partner enhance their Monitoring & Evaluation and move measurements from Outputs to Outcomes.
  • $250: Assists a community-based partner in a review of their current inventory or logistics process.
  • $500: Aids a community-based partner in building a custom humanitarian program including: initial needs assessment, program development, and follow-up.

You have the opportunity to be a part of the paradigm shift. You have the opportunity to directly support community catalysts and change makers. You have the opportunity to make that durable, measurable difference.

This reflection was written by emBOLDen Alliances’ Outreach Specialist, Della Williams.