Greater access to health care, education, livelihoods, and empowerment, through: 

  • Markedly improved programs

  • Integrated community voices

  • Measurement of impact, not just outputs

  • Efficient resource utilization

emBOLDening the health, dignity, & betterment of communities around the globe! 


Community Partnerships

“After working with eA, we are STRONGER as an organization & we serve our beneficiaries BETTER…”

Humanitarian Response

“[We are] personally proud & thankful to eA for successfully leading us during the Post-Earthquake First Aid Training Program & encouraging us to carry out the program in the long run with a better & sustainable approach on our own lead. Truly, the value that eA carries on assisting partner organizations like ours to achieve their local mission is highly praiseworthy.”


“Last night, I left class feeling as though I had finally found where Global Health, Systems Management, & Policy intersect. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to finally find where I belong in the Public Health community.”

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  • 2019, ED was Finalist for JeffCo International Women’s Day Shattered Glass Award.
  • 2017, International Women’s Day Nonprofit Honoreerecipient of Leading Change Pathfinder Award
  • 2016, Executive Director, Winner of eTown eChievement Award
  • 2016, Finalist in the Top 100 Global Innovators at the World Humanitarian Summit
  • 2016, Second Prize Winner in the iLAB Global Impact Award
  • 2015, Award of Semi-Finalist amongst the Top 100 Social Innovators in Health globally.

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