thumb_IMG_2490_1024“emBOLDen Alliances partnered with Classrooms in the Clouds in the lower Solukhumbu region delivering First Aid Training to Teachers and community members.  This is the first time CitC partner schools have ever received First Aid Training, and it has been received with huge enthusiasm from all of the schools involved.  Some teachers walked for 2 days to attend the training course which covered basic First Aid training empowering the participants to, in turn, train their colleagues in these basic skills.  As well as training in bandaging, splinting broken limbs and preparing homemade rehydration solution, the teachers were taught the stages of hand washing, all with lots of fun and laughter.

During the devastating earthquakes in 2015 that hit remote villages, lack of First Aid skills meant that communities felt helpless and worried when their families and friends were injured.  There was no one available to reassure them and administer basic First Aid support.

Since the training there have been a number of examples of the new skills being put into practice. Mike Hagen, Chair of Trustees for CitC said:

‘I saw first-hand the training being delivered by emBOLDen Alliances and was hugely impressed by the skill and sensitivity shown by the trainers, in particular the empowerment of fellow Nepalese teachers being enabled to deliver the training to their colleagues. This has brought much needed skills to remote areas and adds a great deal of value to the work of CitC supporting education in needy communities. The work to improve health and well-being by emBOLDen Alliances will have a profound effect on children’s ability to reach their potential.’

In addition, emBOLDen Alliances’ work upon returning from Nepal, including articles and reports, contain meaningful analysis and outcomes which will prove extremely supportive in our grant application process and monitoring and evaluation.”

Followup in 2016

Part of our multi-faceted work with community-based partners was creating and delivering a First Aid Train-the-Trainer program that involved 71 teachers and 9 student representatives from 15 schools, serving a total of 4500 students.  But, it didn’t stop there!  We recently received an update from the Education and Development Manager of one organization stating that based on our 2015 First Aid Train the Trainer program, they were able to implement on a Refresher Training in September 2016 for 28 participants from 11 schools in the same region.

In reflecting on their work with eA and their ability to extend the program beyond the scope of our partnership, the organization’s Education Development Manager noted:

“I am personally proud and thankful to emBOLDen for successfully leading [us] during the Post Earthquake First Aid Training Program and encouraging us that the program could be carried out in long run with a better and sustainable approach on our own lead. Truly, the value that emBOLDen carries on assisting the partner organization to achieve their local mission is highly praise worthy. I still recall how nervous I had personally been before the training… But [their] motivation and guidance filled all the enthusiasm in me and made me believe I could facilitate [it].” 




From Sustainable Steps Nepal regarding our work on Operations, Programming, and Organizational Management in response to the Nepal Earthquake:

“As a grassroots organization, Sustainable Steps Nepal is grateful for the amazing support from emBOLDen Alliances towards our efforts in Nepal. We have been working together with emBOLDen Alliances to strengthen our leadership, strategic planning, team building, logistics, organization, and efficient implementation in implementing our projects. Their detailed, insightful reports speak volumes about their passion and dedication in serving the global community by providing non-profit organizations with useful strategies to refine their operations and achieve their goals. We are grateful for their expertise in helping us help people better!”




IMG_1158From the Physical Therapy Global Health Club, with whom we created and implemented teaching in Global Health and Humanitarian Assistance:

“emBOLDen Alliances has provided the necessary expertise and guidance to our Physical Therapy Students’ Global Health Club as we develop and deliver a global health curriculum for PT students.  Our vision for current and future students to have the opportunity to learn global health topics related to physical therapy is becoming a reality.  With the assistance of EA, PT students will have the foundational knowledge to participate in global health practices as health professionals in the future.”




girlsFrom Breaking Ground Cameroon about our assistance in their Leadership Transition:

“Our organization, Breaking Ground, is in the midst of an important administrative transition. emBOLDen Alliances has served as a critical life-line throughout the process. The perspective emBOLDen has to offer is both reassuring and inspiring. Their guidance has anchored us through hard times and provided us with a clear vision of the path before us.”




thumb_IMG_2571_1024From The Ujyalo Foundation, with whom we shared some of our Monitoring & Evaluation tools:

“We used emBOLDen Alliances’ Problem Tree Assessment Tool with our candidates in one of our Women Empowerment and Leadership program: EmpowHER. Each candidate in the program has to design an impact project idea that will help uplift the status of women and children in Nepal. This tool was very helpful for them to understand the grassroots of the problem and sustainability of their individual idea. Many of our candidates, after performing the Problem Tree Assessment, demonstrated clarity about their proposed idea and the problem they were trying to address.”




IMG_1580From Health Access Connect, with whom we are working on budgets, grant preparation, program design, GIS mapping, and Monitoring & Evaluation:

“My favorite part about working with emBOLDen is that they understand where we are and how we can get to where we need to go. That helps us to make both long-term strategic plans and weekly to-do lists to keep us on track.”




dscf6624From Freshwater Project International, focusing on comprehensive water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs in Malawi:

“As a grassroots nonprofit, there comes a time in an organization’s life when you need to take the next step in development and capacity building, and often, you need a leg up and a mentor….you need to be emBOLDened! Freshwater Project International is delighted to announce our partnership with emBOLDen Alliances.

We are grateful to emBOLDen Alliances for their wisdom and assistance as we build out our programs, budget, and Monitoring and Evaluation. It has already impacted our work, and we are excited to work together as we further develop as an organization.”



11923602_492978550868685_2534028277544386211_nFrom Students Shoulder to Shoulder, with whom we lead workshops for community-based partner NGOs from around the world (Bolivia, Tibet, Nepal, Kenya, USA, Cambodia, to name a few) and help to build global citizens through discussions with high school students on humanitarian assistance and international development:

“Central to the success of the educational programs that Students Shoulder-to-Shoulder creates for high school students are the high-quality NGOs with whom we partner. Year after year, the students learn the most from these inspirational leaders and their community-based projects. However, we aspire to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial. In order to meet this goal, emBOLDen Alliances has been working directly with our NGO partners to help them identify common challenges, to utilize each other as resources, and to provide the additional support necessary for them to more effectively realize their missions. I cannot say enough about the skills that the emBOLDen staff possess as listeners, seasoned practitioners, and facilitators. They have sincerely allowed us to help forge a collaborative and innovative culture for our partners that is undeniably enhancing the positive impact that they are making in communities around the globe.”


igorFrom a nonprofit partner regarding Case Studies we created based on interviews with their Leadership to assist with constant leadership transition:

“The case studies were most helpful for orienting new members.  They addressed challenges that members of our organizations have always faced but never had a good way of preparing for before they arise.”