painting by Bill Rohs

On Gratitude and Grit

As we bring 2014 to a close, we reflect on our first year together at emBOLDen Alliances.  We are GRATEFUL to you for your ongoing support!  And, we remain firmly committed to having our sleeves rolled up and showing our GRIT with our future work.

Here’s what we have been doing with your support:

  • We partnered with a student-led, student-run NGO supporting Community Health Workers in a remote area of the Peruvian Amazon.
    • Partnership, NOT consultancy:  A few months into our work together, it became clear that we needed to entirely reframe our original Leadership Development and Project Management training plan to fit the new demands of this changing organization.  And, we did with great success.
    • Read about our impact with this organization and its community members in Peru.
  • Our Operations and Logistics Specialist, Bill Rohs, provided operational guidance, including writing manuals and delivering training, for an NGO working toward women’s empowerment in Uganda.  Bill helped them streamline logistic processes, manage inventory more efficiently, and develop product ideas to maximize resources and leverage partnerships.
  • We provided technical assistance to two other NGOs working in East Africa, one of which is working to repurpose shipping containers into clinics and community centers.  And, the other is working toward women’s empowerment in remote mountain communities.
  • We also provided technical assistance to an organization working to provide a water ambulance service to remote areas in Haiti.
  • We created and are halfway through the delivery of tailored training in Global Health to Physiotherapy students.
    • In addition, we have been asked to assist in the development of a Global Health Elective that will be incorporated into the overall PT School Curriculum.
  • We partnered with an NGO dedicated to preparing students for global citizenship and collaboratively, with five of their NGO partners working in Cambodia, US, Nepal, Bolivia, and Kenya, explored community challenges, organizational struggles, and definitions of resilience and sustainability.
  • We received our 501(c)3 status from the IRS!

Here’s why we need your continued support:

  • We are in the process of signing MOUs (Memoranda of Understanding) to work with 3 community-based NGOs in West and East Africa and assist them with operational guidance, strategic and sustainable programming, and data management.
    • Many of these NGOs cannot provide financial resources to support our partnership.  However, the work of these organizations based in their own communities of Senegal, Cameroon, and Uganda is undeniably valuable and impactful.
    • Please help us embolden their work.  Every dollar you donate counts!
  • We are also in the midst of completely redesigning pre-deployment training for short-term medical volunteer trips with at least one, and hopefully two, partner NGOs.  Through enhanced training in Global Health, ethics, community engagement, realities, and practices, these volunteers become better Global Health stewards and communities are better served.
  • We are designing and will be implementing online training in International Humanitarian Assistance including international humanitarian guidelines and standards.
    • Our goal is for students and practitioners to have a more complete understanding of Humanitarian systems and issues, such that resources are maximized for better service delivery, improved efficiency, and less waste.

How to Support Us: