The Radical Humanitarian®

The Radical Humanitarian® (TRH) is an initiative by emBOLDen Alliances to reshape humanitarian assistance to be community-driven, durable & more powerful.

Our goal is that vulnerable communities are prepared for & can respond to crises.



Our outcomes

  • Community-based Organizations can be their own BEST First Responders in Crises

  • Practitioners have skills & knowledge to manage large-scale disasters & to be leaders within international responses

  • Response and Preparedness is directed by community needs & through community networks 


The Radical Humanitarian® Charter


As a Radical Humanitarian®, I will inspire and mobilize to:

  • Lead transformation in humanitarian assistance,

  • Incorporate practical skills and best practices,

  • Integrate ethical behaviors, and

  • Build sustained accountability

  • With, rather than for, communities.

I strive to alleviate suffering, promote dignity, and protect vulnerable populations around the globe.

Play a vital role in our Emergency Response Fund & become a First Responder today!

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