The Student Leaders of the Physical Therapy Global Health Club, Laura Martel and Andrea Hedger, approached us with this question: How can we build a program that will increase our knowledge of Global Health?

Thus started our discussions in which we listened to the needs and desires of student members and then devised a yearlong Global Health training curriculum. Together we identified priority topics including introduction to Global Health, key strategies and current interventions, human rights and disability, ethics and practice, and introduction to Humanitarian Assistance.

Laura and Andrea sought and were awarded funding by the President’s Diversity Fund for Development and Support to partially fund this endeavor. In addition, each of the students involved, were asked to pay a small fee for individual support. Ultimately 27 students, or approximately 1/6th of the Physical Therapy Program student population, enrolled.

Each session is scheduled around student availability, and Club Leaders gather student feedback regularly in order to promote our ongoing evaluation and improvement of materials and methodology.

As a result of our efforts, we have been invited by Laura, Andrea, incoming student Leadership, and key Faculty members to assist in the creation of a Global Health Elective that will be incorporated into the Physical Therapy Program curriculum in the coming years.

We are thrilled to be working with such a motivated student group and look forward to helping them achieve their goals.

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